Dental Services


Dr. Lukacs offers a variety of well-proven treatments and therapies to help you get  healthy, keep you pain free and give you  the smile you would like to have.

81177627Dental Examinations , Cleaning and Whitening

Studies have connected the health of our mouths and gums to our overall health. Infected and bleeding gums do more than give you bad breath and loose teeth. They can affect your heart, contribute to diabetes and jeopardize replaced joints. In addition, oral cancer kills over 35,000 Americans each year. A thorough examination in our office is the first step to ensuring the health and well being of you and your family.

Our gentle and highly- skilled dental hygienists can keep your smile bright and healthy or help you get rid of infection and get back on track.  Today, the most requested cosmetic procedure is teeth whitening.  We use a variety of professional tooth whitening solutions to roll back the effects of coffee, tea, wine and age.


rbb2_43Fillings, Crowns and Veneers

Whether your son bumped his tooth on a swing, you were chewing ice or it’s just been a while since you’ve seen the dentist, stuff happens and teeth can chip or break.  Dr. Lukacs has an array of dental procedures to restore your teeth to their original pristine condition.  Smaller damaged areas can be restored with tooth-colored fillings. More extensive damage often requires crowns or veneers to restore the tooth’s strength and appearance.  At Dr. Lukacs’ office, your options and their costs will be presented to you before any treatment is started.


C5-C7Dental Implants

Even one missing tooth can affect your appearance and compromise your dental health. Many people prefer the permanent natural look and feel of dental implants to replace missing teeth or to help dentures and partials fit better.

Working with local specialists, Dr. Lukacs can help you replace missing teeth with permanent dental implants.


dv1470022Dentures and Partials

Teeth can be lost due to many causes. Missing teeth make you look older, make it harder to chew and can compromise your remaining teeth. When replacement with implants or bridges are not an option, dentures and partial dentures can look good and improve your enjoyment of eating.


TMJ Therapy

Headaches, earaches or jaw pain can become a frequent part of our lives. In many cases, this can result from clenching our jaws and grinding teeth. This discomfort can often be reduced by night time wear of a retainer-like appliance made for your teeth. Call our office for an initial dental examination.


Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can and do happen to anyone at the most inopportune time.  We are always available to help you.  Call us right away when that happens and we’ll get you in, make you comfortable and get you back on your feet.